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A Modern & Elegant Brand: Adaline

Ever wonder what happens to the logos that don't get used in branding projects? They pop up here to find their new home! Having these logos pre-designed mean they are great if you want a quick turn around and something budget friendly. Every logo that has been designed is made from the heart and deserves to be loved. By customizing the colours and text these logos are perfect for upgrade your businesses branding.

What Do You Get?

Primary Logo

Secondary Logo



Colour Palette

Brand Board

*All logos will be provided in colour, black and white

Customized For You!

When you purchase a brand we will work together to customize the logos to fit your brands personality. The layout of the logos will stay the same, but I will change the text, colours, icons (if used), etc. 

The Process

See something that you like, great!

Fill out the semi-custom brand form and I will be in touch to start creating your personalized logos.

How Does It Work?

Fill out the brand inquiry form fully and I will be in touch within 24 hrs to discuss any questions you might have. Filling out the form doesn't confirm your purchase. All brands are first come, first serve.





I will send an invoice via email but wont start the design process till the payment is made. Payment is received in full at the beginning and there is no refunds, please see the terms and conditions.


With purchase you will get one round of revisions, any extras will be charged my hourly fee of $50

The creative process will take up to 5 days from start to finish, not including weekends 

Semi-custom logos will be only sold 5 times to keep your brand unique and personable 

File formats include EPS, PDF, JPG and PNG

Colour palette will be in CMYK, RGB and HEX

If custom branding sounds more interesting to you, take a peek here!

Please view the terms & conditions


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Welcome to my branding and design studio for wedding professionals and newly engaged couples. Where I combine timeless romance with a dash a whimsy and create beautiful creative made from the heart just for you! Take a look around the site, get inspired and get in touch!

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