The Design Process

Brand & Custom Design


Coffee Date


This will be our first meeting and I hope it will be love at first sight! We’ll meet for coffee, or margaritas if that’s more your speed. Unable to meet in person? Let’s chat online. I’ll provide you with my branding questionnaire that will help me get to know your brand on a more personal level. This is where we’ll talk about visions, inspirations, as well as your overall business goals. 



Pinterest is a great place to find and save what inspires you. At this stage of your project, we will create a shared board for colour, textures, and typography to keep track of what we’re working towards, what inspires us, and also what makes us swoon!

Design & Review


Now the fun begins! The design process begins. I’ll send over a few logo concepts for you which you’ll then review and provide a big happy “yay!” or some constructive “nay’s.” We’ll go over textures, colour schemes and more to begin to develop a fully rounded look for your brand.

Project Overview/Schedule


Glad to see we made it past the first date! The next step is setting up a project scope, contract/payment and schedule that works around your business needs. To ensure the best client experience possible, I only take a on a limited number of clients per year. This is how I like to keep things personal, and add that extra special touch to each project.  



After we’re done being inspired on Pinterest, and found direction through your branding questionnaire, I will put together a beautiful mood board and present it to you. This is how I’ll ensure I’m heading down the right path for your brand, and tweak what needs tweaking! This will be the overall foundation of your brand.

The Package Deal


Signed, sealed, delivered, it’s yours! Your unique, personalized and refreshing brand is finally here. Packaged beautifully is your very own brand style guide that you can

use for any future projects. I will provide all of the files digitally for you to use, but if you would like help with any printing we are able to give a hand*. Now go out and celebrate!

The  print  shop

If you would like me to print your final designs I can definitely help you out!  Whether it's your wedding stationery, menus, business cards, or any other print work we can work with a local printer and then ship you the final products.  Please download the pricing package to get more information on pricing and my services.   

Full Website Design Development

continued  process



Whether you’re coming to me with an existing brand, or we’re continuing on our journey together, happy to have you here! The first stage of the online process is content gathering. We will discuss page layouts, photography, inspiration, and your overall vision. This will require a little bit of homework, which will involve you figuring out what you want on each page.  

Create & Review


Once we’ve got the look, feel and layout of your site, I’ll take it away and come back with the rest of your exquisitely designed site. We’ll go over everything together to finalize copy, layout, photography and anything else you might have on your mind. Once this is complete, you’ll have access to your very own content management system that allows you full access to the backend of your site.  

Web Design


Home sweet homepage. I’ll start by designing your homepage to establish the look for the rest of the website. At this stage I’ll also create wireframes of any additional pages, send the designs and layouts to you so we can discuss any changes you might need. Things will be really getting underway!     

The Launch


Yes! We’ve nailed the design, and now it’s time to bring it online. Your website is ready to go live as soon as you click publish. I’ll still be there for you to provide a mini learning session on how to maintain your website, answer any questions, and help you go live to keep this process as seamless as your gorgeous brand. Now get ready to watch this beautiful online representation of your brand grow worldwide!

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Welcome to my branding and design studio for wedding professionals and newly engaged couples. Where I combine timeless romance with a dash a whimsy and create beautiful creative made from the heart just for you! Take a look around the site, get inspired and get in touch!

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